Thursday, 14 April 2016

Learning ....

I LOVE learning. Really I do. There is never, ever a point where you know everything or can do everything, and learning is fun.

I really admire the work of artist Mindy Lacefield. Her paintings are a curious mix of simplicity and naivety, and yet they have such depth.  Recently she had some cards for sale in her Etsy shop explaining how to paint a face Mindy style, so I gave it a go. It was such fun! I have a long way to go but I'm happy to keep learning ....

And talking of learning .... you know when you casually walk through a book shop, and then a book which has been placed seductively at the end of an aisle just catches your eye and you HAVE to have it?! Yeah, well this fell into my basket the other day. Watch this space .... modern calligraphy coming this way!

What a weekend!

Well, I've not blogged for a while, but I have been busy! Last weekend I was away teaching at The Ministry of Mixology, and wow! was it fun! Two days of creative painty messy fun, taught by Andy Skinner and myself, organised by Andy and the awesome Di of Tando Creative. There were some fab sponsors so lots of goodies to be had, and a shop all weekend at the event run by Di and Tony. 

In my workshops we put together our own planners (made by Tando, kits available here) and painted them, stencilled them, doodled on them ... using the fabulous Decoart fluid acrylics.

Here are a few pics of the workshops in progress. The lovely participants worked very hard over the two days ... there was a LOT of painting and stamping and doodling and stencilling to be done! As well as drinking and eating cake of course.

Ta-da! The finished journal planners. Not all quite finished (well, there WAS a lot of painting to be done!) but ongoing projects to be worked on and loved at home :-)

I had the chance to work alongside Andy Skinner again, and use some of his fab stamps too. Here he is doing his thing, ably assisted by his lovely daughter Jade:

Many of us were staying over at the hotel so things didn't stop at the end of the workshops. Saturday evening was taken up with make-and-takes, and demos by some very talented demo-ers:

Dee Adams

Suze of Surrey Crafts

Mark Gould

Nikki Killinger

Kathy Walsh - DecoArt

And then there was the raffle. Here I am ... erm, not sure what to say about this picture ... I think I am cheering the raffle on (aided by the glass of wine in my hand obviously).

And crying with laughter about something ... ? (Probably something that Tony said!)

All in all, it was the most fun ever. Got to meet lots and lots of lovely people, some of which I had met before, but many new faces. Thanks to all the lovely MoMers which attended the event, your enthusiasm made it so much fun.

And this lovely lady worked so, so hard, running the shop, cutting the kits, and doing EVERYTHING else to make it run so smoothly. Well done Di and Tony, you did good!

Thanks team Mixology, and cheers!

*This event takes place at The Holiday Inn in Coventry and is organised by Di of Tando Creative,  and Andy Skinner of DecoArt. For details of future events just like this keep an eye out here:*

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Journaling with colour.

Oooh, I just love a bit of colour! Often when choosing colours I just line up a few paint pots and then jiggle them around until I find a combination that I like. Yes, I know there are rules, but rules are there to be broken ;-)

I used Media Boards by Tando Creative for this little journal as they make great book covers, and they are fab for painting on. I added a concertina journal inside using water colour paper, and added a few back to back signatures for extra pages.


I've been getting all prepped and ready for the Ministry of Mixology weekend coming up soon - 9th - 10th April. It's going to be a fabulous event and I'm soooo excited. 

Here's a sneak peek of my project .....

Oh go on then, here's a bit more ......!

This event is now mostly sold out but I *think* there may be VERY limited places left on the Saturday. Check here for all the details.

Byee for now.....

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Messy, messy WIP

I know that I can do neat and pretty journal pages but the truth is, I don't always want to. Sometimes I just want to be messy and free, and enjoy the art for the process and not the outcome. 

The more I work in my black Dylusions journal the more I love it. The black pages give a grungy look which I love working on. I started my pages with some white gesso but I applied it messily and left plenty of space around the edges.

My pages usually go through through a few transformations along the way as I change my mind, or want to add a few more layers. Here I stamped my new colour wheel from my Doodles cube stamp to make 'bullet points' down my page, but this got changed a little along the way ....

I used some of my hand carved (Speedball) stamps:

And I added scribbly writing and doodles:

But then I decided I didn't like the bullet point colour wheels as they were, so I stamped them onto inked card, cut them out and added them over the top!

And I had a bit spare from cutting out a wheel so I added it to my doodle! (And spot the washi tape in the top corner - I just love a bit of washi!)

And on the opposite side of the page (I always work backwards ??? No idea why?!) is a work in progress. I am just enjoying adding layers of colour :-)

Not sure what I'm going to add next ... I'm just going to leave it to sit on my desk for a while until it spake to me ...

Byee for now!